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Hi Brothers and Sisters


I am Prajwal H S from JNV Chikmagalur (2011-18 batch). I have always been a civil service aspirant and I have been working towards this dream since my engineering days. Unfortunately the financial status of my family is too unstable to support my dream. Currently I am working in one of the IT firms in Bengaluru to support my family and that has put my preparations in the backseat.

My father is a Tailor with a small retail store. Mother is a housewife. My family is not in a position to support my exam preparation financially. I have been clearing the debt of my family and hence wasn’t able to save anything for the preparation.

In this period I have tried preparing for the exams alongside working on a full time job and this hasn’t been easy as UPSC requires too much of an effort and commitment.

I’m currently looking for some financial aid for a few months to prepare for this exam (maybe for 12 months). The amount will be used for my Monthly Room Rent, Food Expenses, book expenses, Test Series expenses, and Printout expenses. I assure that I will repay the amount to ensure this cycle is passed on once I’m done with the exams.

Here is the breakdown of the amount that I would be needing.


*Expenditure per month:*


Library fee → 1,700/-

Room Rent → 5,000/-

Food → 5,000/-

Books & Printing → 1,500/-

Total amount per month → 13,200/-


Total expense for 12 months → 1,58,400/-


I look forward to all your kind support and I promise to take forward this chain of support and gratitude. Thanks in advance.



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Santhosh K 1 month, 1 week ago

Best wishes Prajwal, we alumni are with you on this journey!

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Lakshmi K 1 month, 1 week ago

All the best!

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