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Every year, as we bid adieu to JNV Chikmagalur after IGNITE, we are all posed with the billion dollar question, “What next ?”
We have to present the latest (yet verified) information to the students but in a creatively interesting way. There is no scope for repetition, incorrect information or boring the students to sleep. Now that IGNITE has become a legacy, everyone associated with IGNITE are clueless on the next edition of IGNITE. Surprisingly (and fortunately) every year we have a batch of Alumni who are ready to volunteer at IGNITE and take this workshop to the next level of excellence. This year, the batch of 2004-11 took the responsibility of organizing the 12th edition (You are reading it correct - This was the 12th edition of IGNITE). After a lot of brain-storming, we started our preparations. Information regarding all the popular career streams were compiled for over a span of 12 months. This was documented as a booklet which had information on Scholarships and Loans as well. The batch of 2004-11 showed great spirits in getting this useful data. A lot of experts in Team IGNITE and Alumni group reviewed this information.
A lot of teasers, posters and pre-event online quiz were posted in Facebook to involve the JNVCKM Alumni members in this process.
IGNITE is a Career and Personality Development Workshop organized at Namma JNV for the students of the institution by JNVCKM Alumni Association ! Here is the event newsletter for the 12th edition of IGNITE.
7:20 AM - 8:30 AM, MP Hall
The sheer joy of being at JNV Chikmagalur had lightened up the spirits of Team IGNITE. Cloudy weather, compassionate Navodayans and a lot of nostalgia welcomed us to the heaven itself. The agenda for the day was briefed to students during the morning assembly time and the event was officially inaugurated by lighting the lamp.
10th , 11th and 12th Students were seated in MP Hall . Students of class 6,7,8 and 9 were engaged in academic block.
For junior classes (6, 7 , 8 & 9), we had an interactive session to boost their confidence and improve communication skills. Several activities were conducted to motivate the bright young minds. These activities lifted their spirits up and taught them a few important things.
9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
All the students were divided into 6 teams and 2 mentors were assigned to each team. The booklet on different career/academic streams was distributed to all the students of Class 12th (A few copies will be kept in Library for future reference)
A wide range of activities were conducted to make the students realize the importance of team work, patience, creativity and communication skills. Mentors interacted with each and every individual to lessen their inhibitions and bring out their creative skills. The students participated with full vigor and great enthusiasm.
Signature dance steps, long paper towers and solving puzzles were enjoyed by students.
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
We opened the floors for debates on various topics related to academics and career. A lot of students expressed their views on these topics. Mentors and Judges guided them to debate better. This activity allowed us to educate the students with the latest happenings in academics and careers.
3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Experts from different streams gave a brief introduction about their respective fields. Information related to Basic Sciences(PCMB, Agri etc), Medical Sciences, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, NDA (National Defence Academy), Competitive exams, Scholarships and Loans was shared.
After the talks, students were given an opportunity to clarify their doubts. Team IGNITE members interacted with many students. Different aspects of a particular career stream were discussed and a plethora of questions were answered.
This career counselling program was a huge success.
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Mindbenders - Quiz: Meghavi H M, an alumna of JNV Chikmagalur, Founder of Quriosity Knowledge Solutions(https://www.facebook.com/Quriosity-...), conducted a quiz program which received tremendous feedback from the students and teachers of JNVCKM. The students got an amazing opportunity to experience the world of quizzing. The quizmaster (mistress here!) mesmerized everyone with interesting questions and very creative presentation.
8:45 PM to 10:00 PM
We still had a few more surprises. Team IGNITE had planned for an entertaining cultural extravaganza. The students performed an extra-ordinary skit which was directed by Team IGNITE. Also, we had a special dance performance and interesting skit by IGNITE volunteers. Everybody in the audience were thrilled to witness this cultural show.
All the teams were conferred with prizes (and too many cookies)
For more photos and information related to IGNITE, please be a part of our official Facebook page. It was satisfying to receive a tremendous positive feedback. Students were benefited from one-of-its-kind workshop. Teachers appreciated the work done by Team IGNITE. Mr. Benny Joseph, The Principal of JNC CKM, had personally called a few of Team IGNITE members to acknowledge our stupendous efforts and congratulate us on the successful completion of 12th edition of IGNITE.
P.S. : Team IGNITE has started planning for the next edition of IGNITE. We are looking out for individuals who are interested in making a difference to the students of Namma JNV. Please join your hands in the making of 13th Edition of IGNITE.
Volunteering doesn't necessarily mean your physical presence at JNV on the day of IGNITE. We need SMEs from different streams, orators, artists and more than anything else who care for their juniors. Are you IN for this?
If you want to be a part of the team, please comment here.
Writing Credits: Harish GP
Photography Credits: Jagadish,Vijay Kattimani, Suman Yc, Avinash, Thousifms, Gowtham, Naveen Hoovinahalli (and a few students from JNVCKM)

JNV Balehonnur, Seegodu
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