Bronze School bell


Bronze School bell presented  by (1988-1995 Batch)


"Do you like to hear the school bell ring?"

"Depends... I mean, it all depends on what time the bell rings"

Bugle calls, Whistles and Bell rings are an integral part of JNV life. In a place where time is given utmost importance, from the start of a day till the end, we hear these alarms. We know the pain of waking up on early morning bugle call and even the joy of ending a busy day's schedule when the bell rings at 1:30 PM. You can never explain the frustration when the school bell doesn't ring on time. In a similar way, the happiness in hearing the 4:30 PM bell which marks the start of evening sports cannot be described in words.These alarms help us in being punctual.

School Bell

On this regard, 3rd Batch of Alumni (1988-1955) have donated a large bell to our school worth 26,000 INR. This school bell is placed near the Academic block and shall serve as a single alarm/notifier for both Plot 1 and 2.

A big shout-out to the members of 3rd Batch of Alumni.

Alumni Association deeply appreciates the initiative taken by 3rd Batch of Alumni towards the development of our School.

We hope that this noble act will inspire other batches to contribute towards the overall development of Namma JNV.

Kudos to team 1988-1995 batch alumni members !! 

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