Solar Street Lights


Solar Street Lights (By Third Batch Alumni)


How many of you remember the dark roads inside our Navodaya school campus when there was power failure?

How many of you remember the way we used to struggle in dining hall to find our plates when electricity has gone due to rains or whatsoever reasons?

Our brothers and sisters of the 3rd Alumni Batch JNV Balehonnur have made us proud by being role model for all of us by addressing the above mentioned issue.

They have donated Solar lights of worth Rs. 80000 /- to our vidyalaya to light the campus in case of power failure during night time.

Alumni Association deeply appreciates the initiative taken by  Third Batch Alumni  towards the development of our School.

We are confident that the other batches will also follow similar paths and contribute towards the overall development of our school.


Kudos to team 1988-1995 batch .


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