Let's help Krishnamurthy Uncle !

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Dear JNVCKM Alumni,

Each and every one of us relish the astonishing time that we spent at Namma JNV. The faculty has been extremely gracious and self-less in serving the students. Apart from the teaching staff, we have an astounding D-Staff. It is evident that our stay was taken care by these incredible people.
We feel deeply saddened to inform you that Mr.Krishnamurthy B R has been diagnosed with heart attack this week. He is undergoing an ailment with all the money that his family can afford.

It’s truly disheartening that his family has been drastically hit by financial scarcity.
To add to the grief, his wife has kidney issue and eye sight problem. His son is a differently abled kid.
His family is in big trouble and badly need some financial assistance from us.Considering the kind-hearted service that he has rendered to our JNV, we kindly request you to make financial contributions to his family. Mr Krishnamurthy is retiring from his service in February 2017 and it is our moral responsibility to make sure that we do a bit from our side.

Kindly donate some amount of money to help his family during the tough times. Let’s pray and stand up for this noble cause and make a difference to his family.
We urge you to donate money as early as possible. We, JNVCKM Alumni, suggest you to make a contribution of Rs.100 ECS per month for a year. You can either choose to donate bigger amount at once or opt for ECS.
Each contribution, big or small, matters a lot.

Bank Account Details:
Name: B R Krishnmurthy
Bank: Canara Bank, Balehonnuru
A/C No: 0865101010233
IFSC code CNRB0000865.

NOTE: After sending the amount, please fill this form to track the amount deposited

Please fill this form

Please feel free to ask questions, if any.
Kindly pass on this message to your all JNVCKM Family and anyone who would be interested to contribute.

Thanks and Regards,
JNVCKM Alumni Association

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Santhosh 7 years, 7 months ago

Good to see we doing a bit to help

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