Ameature HAM Radio workshop


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Members of the Mangalore Amateur Radio Club (MARC) from Mangalore provided students at the Jawahar Novodaya Vidyalaya  Balehonnure (JNV) school here with an introduction to Amateur Radio (also known as ham radio) and accompanied it with a live demonstration. ham Demo

Mr. Rohith S. Rao, a businessman by profession and a senior member of MARC introduced the students to the socio-technical hobby of Amateur Radio. In today's era of instant messaging and social networking galore it may seem trivial and redundant to pursue a hobby such as amateur radio where one needs to setup a licensed but private wireless radio station before getting on the air to network with other fellow hams world wide. However the multi-faceted development a ham operator undergoes in the process is irreproducible by most other activities. Technical exposure and training, social skills, responsibility build-up and valuable networking with fellow hams from all walks of life are valuable lessons learnt during one's journey into ham radio. Ability to communicate worldwide, that too without any support infrastructure from any service provider, without electricity board power-supply, coupled with ready access to non-commercial minded fellow hams worldwide make the activity a very valuable asset to any community.


The introduction to the hobby was followed by a live demonstration. The event successfully intrigued the young minds of about 400 students at the school. Any person over the age of 12 years is eligible to pursue the exciting hobby of ham radio. 
Srikanth B. Bhat, Secretary of MARC, Dr. H. S. Krishnananda, Senior member of MARC, Agriculturist and Homeopath at Basarikatte, and Dr. Sampath Kumar H,C  also member of MARC and  President of the Alumni Association of JNV helped provide live demonstration and coordinated the proceedings of the event. Principal and staff of JNV witnessed the presentation and provided encouragement to the students in exploring to pursue the exciting hobby of amateur radio.

Ham Demo2

It was first of its of kind demo we witnessed and we were enthralled to see people speaking from other countries like Oman to people from near by places like chickmagalore and shivomogga says a student.

JNV Balehonnur, Seegodu
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